Involvement at District

District level Walkathons(Padayatras)

Apart from the above grass root level activities Mass Education has also played a major in promoting the following activities at the district and inter-district level.

District level Walkathons (Padayatras) to prevent Desertification Process: Mass Education organised walkathons during 1989, 1990 and 1991 at the district level to educate the rural masses about the threat of desertification in Anantapur district, which is now categorised as ‘hot arid’ region.

Campaign against Forest Fires

Mass Education initiated a campaign in collaboration with other Voluntary Organisations to prevent forest fires, which has been a common problem in Anantapur district during the summer. Cycle rallies, meetings, cultural programmes were organised at the mandal and district level. ‘Human Chains’ were organised around the hills to educate the village communities on the importance of preventing forest fires.

Translation of Watershed Guidelines

Mr.Khasimpeera, President of Mass Education and Mr. Rayudu of YIP have voluntarily translated the new guidelines of watershed, which were issued by the Union Ministry of Rural Development, into Telugu Languages for the benefit at the watershed committee members, and field staff involved in the implementation of watershed activities through PIAs.

Liaison with Dist Administration

Mass Education has been playing a role of liaison between the like minded Voluntary Organisations and the District Developmental Agencies like DDP, Forest Department and Rural Water Supply etc with the objective of better implementation of Government development schemes since 1989.

Organisation of Training Programmes

It has been conducting trainings for the benefit of the staff of voluntary organisations on topics like, Watershed Development, Gender Analysis and Development, Natural Regeneration of Forest, Joint Forest Management, Community Organisation etc. Many voluntary organisations working in Andhra Pradesh have participated in the training courses and workshops organised by Mass Education & Organization Society.